PaintShirt® (Pat.#5,806,094)

PaintShirt® is a durable patented protective art smock specially designed for kids and Protecting Kids Fashions™! The PaintShirt® is made from a high quality cotton/polyester 7-oz twill fabric with Teflon® fabric protector and is machine washable and dryable. The twill fabric allows the PaintShirt® to breathe unlike plastic or PVC smocks and aprons that allow heat build up in your child. Our PaintShirt® is also designed to allow the collar to lie comfortably next to your child's neck without restriction or tightness. The PaintShirt® has an easy to use velcro® closure in back. The velcro® closure allows your child to take their PaintShirt® off without pulling it over their head. The velcro® closure also allows a family member, friend, or classmate to close the back of the PaintShirt® with minimal effort and ease, unlike smocks or aprons that have ties or buttons. The lightweight PaintShirt® covers the upper torso of your child without interfering with your child's movements. The knit cuffs fit firmly, yet comfortably around your child's wrist, unlike smocks or aprons that use elasticized wrists that can be too tight for your child. A large storage pocket in front of the PaintShirt® allows your child to temporarily store some of their art supplies when they are creating works of art. The PaintShirts® are white with The Little Artist logo on the pocket. Our PaintShirt® comes in three sizes - Small (Ages:3-5), Medium (Ages:6-7), and Large (Ages:8-10) for Only $29.95. 100% money back guarantee!

PaintShirt® (Pat.#5,806,094)
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Price $29.95